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The support that a postpartum doula brings goes beyond providing a shoulder to cry on, she meets the mother where she is. Anticipating the mother’s needs for food, water, rest and warmth, making a difference in the wellbeing of the family and space for mama to feel calm, strong and happy.  A postpartum doula can help the mother process her birth experience, allowing Mama to express feelings of both frustration and wonder, to mourn the loss of life pre-baby, to embrace her new identity and to deal with tender emotions that arise as a new parent.

Care for first 4 weeks of motherhood

  • Prenatal meeting (in person or via Skype)
  • Mother Blessing (see below)
  • Sacred Window Ritual (see below)
  • House Visits, every day in your first week as mama then curated to your needs thereafter. 
  • Homemade nourishment Broths, soups, mother elixirs, seed bread & banana loaf.
  • Sitz baths and herbal recommendations for healing.
  • Light housekeeping & errands. 
  • Baby soothing & nurturing.
  • Nutritional Guidance & meal preparation
  • Information about other practitioner support in your area (massage & yoga for example)
  • Discussing parenting styles and offering non judgemental insights. 

From the moment your baby is born you will be nurtured and supported, easing yourself into the 4th trimester with a seasoned guide.


This package includes everything listed above, we will create a visit schedule that feels good and I will deliver nourishing food to you each visit. 



This package includes everything listed above, except for the mother blessing & sacred window ritual. These can be booked separately or added on. 


If you would prefer to get in touch and book visits on an hourly rate this can be done is subject to my availability and you can request a meal service too. 

£25 per hour



‘Mama Jayne came to stay with me in Madrid for a month shortly after I gave birth to my first daughter. Getting Jayne to come stay and support me during this magical and challenging time was the best decision I could have made. Jayne looked after me with such tenderness and care ensuring I was well fed (her cooking is incredible) bathed, taking my daily naps and generally made my 4th trimester much easier and supportive than I otherwise would have experienced. She is so knowledgable about babies too and this really gave me solace in helping make sense of my baby and new role as mother in the early days. I wish every new mother could have a Jayne! Don’t hesitate. Get Jayne to come help. It will set you up perfectly.’ - Lucy & Baby Luna in MADRID
'Jayne came to support me in the first 6 weeks after my daughter Lydia was born. I remember on Jayne’s second or third visit to see me, she was bowled over at my sudden transformation from a tired and anxious wreck into a smiling, confident mother. Jayne had worked her magic. She hugged me, talked to me, watched Lydia as I bathed, slept and she cooked me the most nurturing and delicious vegan meals. She supported me as I struggled with feeding and gave me the confidence to handle this new and fragile little human with the certainty I never knew I had. No one can prepare you for the onslaught of hormones, sleep deprivation and new information a new mother is faced with in the first weeks, but Jayne helped navigate me through it all and enabled me to see the wonderful and life affirming aspects of this beautiful time. Jayne lifted a huge weight and I couldn’t recommend her enough to any new mother.' - Mary & Baby Lydia in LONDON

'Jayne lays somewhere between best friend, the most helpful sister, nurturing mother, coolest guru & a god damn angel! You couldn't ask for someone better to support you during pregnancy or the early days of being with your baby.  I was lucky enough that Jayne helped me practically with moving home whilst I was 8 months pregnant (this is an angel)

She created a beautiful mother blessing for me and held space at a family blessing on the summer solstice too - both special memories that helped me to feel so supported and nurtured. The picture of those women surrounding and blessing us stayed with me during my birth and I felt the web of connection with strong women & I loved that we also created something that include my partner too.

Jayne cooked me some yummy food for my freezer and encouraged me to ask for that from other friends too - this was the best thing ever in the early days to get nourishing food whilst focusing on our baby.  Highly highly recommend this blessing of a woah-man - this is one of the best things you could do for yourself and your family' - Michelle & Baby Meadow in YORKSHIRE

Jayne is a wonderful post partum support. She’s an intuitive woman and mother who knows just what is needed emotionally and physically, and knows when to gently step in or gracefully step back. Her advice is well considered and never imposed. She is one of the most talented cooks I’ve come across which also helps! She’s a true mama through and through, and a creative soul who lives for connection and service to the sisterhood; her support is so valuable at this most vulnerable, sensitive and precious time. - Xochi & Baby Sasha in SOMERSET

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2 Hour Ceremony £150


A Mother's Blessing is an intimate gathering of women, a ceremony, to prepare an expectant mother for her upcoming birth journey—to shower mama-to-be with love, support and encouragement. The act of birth is a rite of passage for women, and a mother's blessings can help mama to feel more empowered about birth.

The blessing will take place in your home (or chosen venue), you may choose to have your beloved women folk with you or make it a family affair by inviting the men to this celebration too. Jayne will curate a ceremony for you personally, giving mama the opportunity to relax and enjoy being pampered and held in a safe and nurturing space as you looks ahead to the transition into motherhood. 
Venue, food & drinks to be provided by Mama to Be & family. 
Mother Blessings are inspired by the Navajo ceremony Blessingway.




Sacred Window Ritual is a ceremony to bless and nurture a new mother after the birth of her baby, as well as helping her come back into physical and energetic alignment, so that she can begin stepping into her new role as mother. This is an opportunity for Mama to share her birth story and express any feelings of frustration and wonder and to deal with tender emotions that arise as a new parent.

The ritual will take place in your home (or chosen venue), where you will be surrounded by your closest women folk. Making sure that you have someone with us who is able to hold the baby as you are wrapped in a blanket of protection, warmth and stillness.  This will mark the passage from a more inward time to opening the door to the outside world. Jayne will curate a ritual that is grounding and loving. 
Venue, food & drinks to be provided by Mama to Be & family. 
*The Sacred Window is also known as the 4th Trimester