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In the ocean of noise that can often feel like it's drowning us, it can be hard to hear our own voice. I'm a listener and I love to help women learn how to deeply listen to themselves in order to reconnect to their bodies.

Come to this safe space were you can explore your sensuality through language, movement, the breath & touch. Over the course of five weeks we will unwrap the mysteries you may have been feeling about your own pleasure.  It takes time and gentleness, it's not about an overnight revelation but with support from me, a woman who has spent the past 4 years navigating my own reclamation, you can begin to discover & reclaim what it means to you to be a sensual woman. 

There will be deep conversation to break through the old stories and together we'll create a new language for you (and your lover if you have one). I will share with you feminine movement practices so you can learn to surrender, to savour and experience the circling & swirling motion of your hips and your relationship to sensuality. We'll explore the breath and how when we slow down we can feel more. 

You can learn to become intoxicated by the knowledge that your desires can be met by your own touch and dare to explore the secrets of the soft waves of your own body. Learn how caressing undiscovered curves and awakening the senses can bring your pleasure to life.  

“Let there be Pleasure & ecstasy on earth and let it begin with me” ~ Annie Sprinkle

Pleasure Medicine sessions are held via Skype & Zoom

  • WEEK 1 - 45 minute personal call with Jayne 
  • WEEK 2 - 90 minute group session unwrapping the elements of personal pleasure & sensuality. 
  • WEEK 3 - 90 minute group session exploring boundaries & protection as we reclaim our bodies. 
  • WEEK 4 - 90 minute group session with access to the Pleasure Medicine Handbook and closing our circle.  
  • WEEK 4 - 45 minute personal call with Jayne. 

Access to tutorial videos, a private Instagram group, book reviews, workshop news and juicy inspiration. 

The 4 week course is £111

There will only be 10 places available, the intimate group will allow for individual attention. Once you have booked your place you will receive a welcome missive on the first Sunday of our circlewhere you will be able to book your one to one session in the following week. This email will also include all the timings of the group gathering calls and some juicy homeplay to get your sensual exploration started. Click on the button below to secure your place.

Please add your correct email if different from your Paypal address in the notes of your booking. 




I'm a woman, just like you.

Through my own challenges with womanhood, being a mother, a wife, navigating a divorce and my own health issues, I’ve found that the most honest healers are movement, the breath, sensual touch and interaction with the elements. I feel most supported by rocks and the roots of a tree; I feel most alive when the wind is whipping my hair and I’m dancing barefoot on the grass.

I believe in love, even though my heart has been broken a thousand times.

My version of love means kindness, honesty and truth. Love is showing up, standing for something and using your voice eloquently and powerfully to promote justice and peace. Love is hugging, listening and looking someone in the eyes as they pour their heart out to you. Love is my daughter, the most amazing person I know: dedicated, compassionate, kind and hilarious. When I watch how she is living her life, she's 25, I’m filled with hope for the future of this planet. 

I love swimming in the ocean and sitting next to a fire, under the stars drinking tea. I love wearing black, being on a train or travelling somewhere new. I love chocolate. I love that all of my material possessions fit into four boxes. I love the reflections of a disco ball, and I love Prince with every wild bone in this body. 


Body like the mountain, heart Like the ocean, mind like the sky.


Exploring my own sensuality in a time when my life was falling apart to some may have seemed counterintuitive, for me it was a way of stripping away the pain and allowing something softer to grow in its place. As my marriage came to end, through the grief my body was calling me home. It was no accident that I had just discovered the dance practice Qoya and at the tender age of 41 I started to explore the idea that self pleasure could become medicine. With the guidance of some beautiful and wise teachers the last four years have been a powerful reclamation of my body.

In 2014 I also became the first Qoya teacher in the UK and the most common story I would hear from women new to this dance was that they were disconnected from their own bodies. Over and over again women who were given a safe place to unravel would shed tears of relief. As I continued to gather large groups of women during the Spring and Autumn equinox, under the name 'Sisters Of The Wild' listening, learning and nurturing, I found myself connecting deeply to their individual stories. 

Then in the summer of 2017 whilst attending a women's gathering in Oregon, USA I took a class called 'Self Love Rituals' The discussion was about masturbation which I hadn't expected from the title of the class and at only 45 years I was the oldest woman there! It was interesting to hear what the women were sharing and I was able to offer deep insight into my own journey and understanding. As I returned home and started to talk about my experience, more and more women asked me to hold space for them so that they too could explore their own sensuality and cultivate a 'sex for one' practice too. 



Please note that the insights, opinions and information shared here is based exclusively on my own life experience. I am not a professionally trained therapist or medical practitioner. By signing up for a workshop, class or online course you accept full responsibility for your own wellbeing during that time and your own aftercare. It is my intention to guide you through conversation, movement and breath as tools for self-healing and I encourage you to seek professional advice should any content unearth past traumas. With respect & gratitude. 



It’s hard to put into words my experience in the pleasure medicine circle; but if I take a deep breath, I can feel its magic so deeply. It’s not an exaggeration to say this circle has been life changing - I’m starting to remember who I’ve always been and it feels good. I’ve fallen in love with myself and with the beautiful women in our circle. I know with all my heart how important this space that Jayne has created is. We all owe it to ourselves to take up this offering
— R.V - London
Pleasure medicine has lead me to discover my bodies landscape, I have begun to know her true story.
Jayne teaches you how to fall deeply into your body through touch, movement, language and breathe. Sensually we learn the beautiful truth of our desires and pleasure. It’s both raw and ripe. I’m so grateful for honouring my body with this introduction to pleasure medicine, the woman that where in the circle with me who shared their stories and for Jayne who guided us with the most passionate care and love.
— M.H - UK
“I first met Jayne at ‘Sisters of the Wild’ and was immediately in awe of her wide open heart and her nurturing nature. When she opened space for a workshop on ‘Sensual Exploration as Healing’ I knew I had to be there. Jayne holds space in a way I’ve never experienced before. She is kind, incredibly knowledgeable and completely magic. After just one workshop with Jayne I had a full cup, food for thought and a practise, and left her presence totally inspired and dying for the next workshop.”
— Grace - London
Jayne is Real. She is a bold, gold-hearted woman who has released herself on the path of discovering true freedom. Her bravery, her empathy, her strength and her raw-thenticity are a gift that allow people she touches to become even more themselves – in a good, instant way. She’s an edgy mama. She knows how to get to and hold the place of discomfort that often lies on the edge: a place where something ends and something else begins. Jayne can take you there, hold your hand, and push you off into change all at once. She is with you, making you free and taking you home.
“The atmosphere in the circle was very warm, accepting, safe and intimate. I was impressed by the women who shared from the heart and were really open and deep. I’m grateful  for each and every beautiful woman who were so brave and to Jayne. It’s very rare to have such an amazing opportunity to participate in this kind of discussion. I felt how my insecurities around this subject started to break a bit after that and gave a space for more acceptance and freedom. Thank you Jayne.”
— Luida - London
Jayne creates an amazing safe space in the circle, which really allows a supportive environment for individual exploration. The progression and “home play” are tailored to where you are on your journey and you’re pushed just enough to encourage you out of your comfort zone without feeling pressure to achieve any specific outcome. This is a great introduction to reclaiming one’s own pleasure practice, and you will form some beautiful connections with some amazing women
— Bethan - UK
“Jayne embodies a whole other level of feminine energy that I aspire to have someday.”


For enquires please insert 'Exploration' into the subject line.

I'll do my best to get back to you within 48 hours - Sometimes I like to go to the mountains or into the forest to dance.

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