Jayne Goldheart

At some point in life, nature's beauty becomes enough.


I'm a woman, just like you.

Through my own challenges with womanhood, being a mother, a wife, navigating a divorce and my own health issues, I’ve found that the most honest healers are movement, the breath and interaction with the elements. I feel most supported by rocks and the roots of a tree; I feel most alive when the wind is whipping my hair and I’m dancing barefoot on the grass.

I believe in love, even though my heart has been broken a thousand times.

My version of love means kindness, honesty and truth. Love is showing up, standing for something and using your voice eloquently and powerfully to promote justice and peace. Love is hugging, listening and looking someone in the eyes as they pour their heart out to you. Love is my daughter, the most amazing person I know: dedicated, compassionate, kind and hilarious. When I watch how she is living her life, she's 25, I’m filled with hope for the future of this planet. 

I love swimming in the ocean and sitting next to a fire, under the stars drinking tea. I love wearing black, being on a train or travelling somewhere new. I love chocolate. I love that all of my material possessions fit into four boxes. I love the reflections of a disco ball, and I love Prince with every wild bone in this body. 



Over the past two years, during the Spring and Autumn equinox, under the name 'Sisters Of The Wild' I have held space for women in nature. We come together to stir the pot, feel the warmth of the fire, we dance, we cry, we laugh and we grow. As I’ve sat with these large groups of women, listening, learning and nurturing, I found myself connecting deeply to their individual stories. 

During the past 8 years I have lived & worked in a yoga retreat centre, I have trained to teach Kundalini Yoga and Qoya, I’m a self taught vegan chef and an initiated Plant Spirit Healer and I've held one day retreats from four to forty women. But more than all of this, my work has given me the ability to hear the truth of a woman’s story in the spaces in-between the words she uses. My work is to create a safe and nurturing container for you to remember who you are in a world that so often urges us to forget. I'm here to encourage you to disconnect from technology and lean into the wisdom of the trees, to unearth the deeper connections that slowing down can open us up to and to give yourself space to breathe. 



In the ocean of noise that can often feel like it's drowning us, it can be hard to hear our own voice. I'm a listener and I love to help women learn how to deeply listen to themselves in order to reconnect to their bodies, and the world around them. 

Through my own experiences I have found that when we connect with nature our bodies can feel more at home, we can drop down from our buzzing thoughts and stories to cultivate a feeling of safety. Nature is what we can lean into when things become uneasy - and as women living in this time and culture we are being called to remember the simple ways of living.

It takes time and gentleness.

It is not about an overnight revelation, it is about learning to dig deep, so that our foundations are strong. It can be messy and sticky, just like Autumn, but it will be the season where you hold the spade that turns new soil. I will help you find your steadiness, grow your resilience and encourage you to engage in nature therapy, connecting with rhythm of the seasons, immersing yourself in the sights, sounds and smells, awakening your senses. 

Come to me with your noise, and let us work out together where your still space lies. Outside the roaring of external influences, I will hold a safe space for you to begin to hear your own truth. 

Mentoring sessions are held via Skype.

  • £90 - for your first 90 minute session
  • £65 - for follow up sessions of 60 minutes.

(Low income options are also available.)

For more information about how we can work together and to book a session, please contact me via the form below with 'Mentoring' in the subject line.


For mentoring enquires please insert 'Mentoring' into the subject line.

I'll do my best to get back to you within 48 hours - Sometimes I like to go to the mountains or into the forest to dance.

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Jayne has such a gift for guiding women through journeys of transformation. When I first connected to Jayne, I’d gone through 2 years of painful physical, mental and emotional difficulties. I felt small, broken, shy and scared. Jayne saw through all of the pain and hurt that was clouding my identity and spoke to me of the beauty that I had inside. I’ve been working with Jayne for over a year, and each time we meet, she helps me unlock another part of myself that had be shut away. Working with Jayne has helped me learn how to dance with my shadow, how to make space in my life for big. juicy acts of self love, how to honour myself in times of darkness as well as times of light. Jayne radiates a beautiful, deep love for the women she connects with that’s truly contagious. Her honesty and vulnerability combined with her wisdom and encouragement make for a very special mentoring relationship that help bring about lasting change and transformation.
Jayne is Real. She is a bold, gold-hearted woman who has released herself on the path of discovering true freedom. Her bravery, her empathy, her strength and her raw-thenticity are a gift that allow people she touches to become even more themselves – in a good, instant way. She’s an edgy mama. She knows how to get to and hold the place of discomfort that often lies on the edge: a place where something ends and something else begins. Jayne can take you there, hold your hand, and push you off into change all at once. She is with you, making you free and taking you home.
Jayne’s magical mix of mother-love, encouragement and enthusiasm for this lifetime, combined with a knowing of what needs to be brought to the fireside, led to a weekend of remembering, reconnections, re-birthing, a sharing of truths, pains and love…deep love, for each other, for our world, and for ourselves.
Jayne is a rooted soul. She’s an archetypal mama, emanating strongly the odour of the earth in all of her richness, nurturing, simplicity and truth. She’s also a sister, a love bubble, a dancing queen, whole body hugger, gold lover and a wild warrior woman. Her invitation to join Sisters of The Wild allows exploration of all aspects in our Self within an environment of legitimate freedom and indisputable trust. Jayne provides time and space and a piece of land to put your hands into the earth and dig your way home. There amongst those roots you may even find your voice. Your heart. Your grief. Your play. Your body. Your dance.

Body like the mountain, heart Like the ocean, mind like the sky.